More Than Just A Café

The Roundabout Café is more than just a café - it is a place of welcome for everyone.

The purpose of the café isn't just to feed people, it is also about providing a place for its volunteers.

The Roundabout has two part-time paid staff and the rest are volunteers. When you visit the Roundabout Café, look at the staff around you - none of them are paid! They are all giving their time freely. Why?

Serving the Community
The prices of Roundabout's food is kept deliberately low to enable as many people as possible to afford to come in. Some of the products are sold at a loss, while others bring in a small profit to even out the loss. The Roundabout is not meant to make a profit, but it is meant to pay for itself.

Food is made and prepared freshly on the premises. Cakes are baked, joints are roasted and vegetables peeled to provide nutritious as well as tasty food.

We have many regulars who meet up with friends and enjoy the atmosphere of the Roundabout. Large tables that can be shared mean a person who comes in alone does not have to stay alone. Fridays especially have proved a success as a number of people come in for the Roast Dinner and over time have got to know other regulars.

Serving Its Volunteers
The volunteers are made up from a wide range of people. Some have retired and have a bit of spare time, some work part-time elsewhere. Some volunteers have special needs and may not find employment elsewhere, but now have a job, a place in society. Everyone is important.

Some volunteers may just want to improve their spoken English, some to gain confidence in a nurturing environment, some who are unemployed and want to show a future employer they want to work. There are as many reasons as there are volunteers!

Another part of the Roundabout's work is giving places to people recommended to us by outside agencies, such as Gloucester House. People who have had difficulties in their lives, such as addiction, who genuinely want to turn their lives around and will need a helping hand to get back into paid employment; someone to give them a chance to prove themselves.

The Roundabout welcomes everyone who wants to improve their future, regardless of their past circumstances. The Roundabout is like a stepping-stone back into employment.

The Roundabout gives people a change to get used to a working environment again, with all its demands. The volunteer will be given training in various disciplines, such as hygiene, health and safety rules and how to deal with the public.

Give and Take/A Fair Exchange!
The volunteers give their time. In return they receive training, gain experience and are able to add to their CV they are in current employment. For some it simply gives them a purpose.

In return the Roundabout gives appropriate training, support, and a reference if needed.

What Price?
The work of the Roundabout is invaluable to its volunteers. It receives no grants or outside funding whatsoever. It relies on fundraising and the Pilgrim Centre to financially support it.

The Pilgrim Centre and Roundabout was a vision of Central Church, whose outreach is to help the local community. Since moving to the Pilgrim Centre in 1990, the Roundabout has been doing just that.